We’re all ready for the election. Are you?

New ‘Election Special’ discounted rates for all UK RDD until June 30th 2017

Unbiased RDD sample ready for you. 

Following Theresa May’s recent announcement of a general election to take place on June 8th 2017, we’re ready to provide the Market Research industry with all the sample you require to enable unbiased and representative telephone polling. Experience shows us that the best way to gain unbiased telephone samples is to use RDD (Random Digit Dial) numbers which are randomly generated.

More RDD than any other provider

Here at Sample Answers, we have produced RDD for the Market Research industry for over two decades. Today, we offer more experience in producing dual frame RDD than any other sample providerCheck out RDD on our website now.

New ‘Election Special’ discounts

To help you to make use of the most established statistically representative RDD samples, we’re introducing an ‘Election Special’, with discounted rates for all UK RDD sales right through until the end of June 2017. This will enable you to survey opinions in the most unbiased and representative way, both pre and post election.

RDD – fresh to order

Unlike many other suppliers of RDD, here at Sample Answers, we make our RDD fresh for each new order rather than relying on pre-created stock which can be out of date. All of our seeds are current and our line verification is processed at the time of the order to make sure that your bespoke RDD order is as up to date as possible. You can expect next day delivery of any single country order.

We’re ready. Are you?

To take advantage of our new ‘Election Special’ discounted rates with the best quality, most up to date RDD, call our client services team today on 0208 274 5000 or email us at [email protected]

Phil Bird
Managing Director
Sample Answers Ltd.