Research & Results – the leading focal point of B2B networking for MR in Europe

This year we exhibited at the Research & Results show in Munich

Ton Paans and Arti Shah manned the stand. Before the show, Arti commented “I’m looking forward to this opportunity to talk face to face with people from our industry about our comprehensive one-stop-shop for all sampling needs worldwide.”.

After the show, we talked to Arti and Ton to find out how the show worked out

‘Our impression was that R&R is more globally focused than the UK shows. It feels like the right place as we have a huge global reach and a base in Amsterdam. Research & Results is the leading focal point of B2B networking for the market research industry in Europe. said Arti.

Arti also mentioned, ‘R&R is well-known in the industry, where many people or businesses from across the globe exhibit or visit. We have a strong European element to Sample Answers and Ton has represented us here every year. As he is multilingual he connects with many individuals, speaking in German, Dutch etc. It’s important that we attend for global brand awareness purposes and to expand our knowledge of other businesses/competitors in the industry” .

The show was very busy this year

‘The famous Sample Answers pens remained popular on the stand’ said Ton.“There was definitely an increase of interest in online sample and we felt that we were reaching the right people within UK and Europe. Many countries and market research specialists were represented, as well as the big brands. We attended the Research Club party – great fun and a good way to socialise. We’ll definitely be there next year.” commented Arti.

Only a relatively small share of the total attendance is the right target audience for Sample Answers, inevitable given our core business is telephone sampling. 

Similar to last year, offline is a small pond to fish in, but there remains an interest amongst many visitors. Online is very dominant, but there is an increased awareness of and potential interest in hybrid solution” stated Ton.

We gained an insight of other businesses’ products and services and felt that R&R did a great job of expanding our know

ledge globally. We had some very interesting conversations with individuals who we’ve added as contacts 

on LinkedIn now. All the people we met who enquired about our products and services have received an email follow up. It was a great show and experience’ said Arti.

“One of the best things about R&R is that the agencies, including large ones, still attend and exhibit – not the case at many other industry events. Research and Results show remains, in my opinion, the best MR trade show by far. Interesting to have seen it develop from a parochial German event years ago to a truly international show. For me it is the pre-eminent trade show for the market research business in Europe, well liked and highly rated by everyone I have spoken to”.  continued Ton.

Ton Paans sums up the 2017 R&R experience

“We’ve already received some new enquiries, resulting in a worthwhile order. Overall, Research & Results was great for establishing new relationships and maintaining and reaffirming existing ones. In that respect, I have aways been happy with our attendance at R&R over the years”.