Don’t take risks… Take Risk-E

Isn’t it time you had confidence in your quota samples?

Give Risk the big E

  • Check potential sample bias
  • Extract insights
  • Identify key targets

Over the years, we’ve heard more and more concerns raised about quota sampling, in particular quotas used for samples drawn from online panels. One of the most common worries is the potential for sample bias from self-selection, in spite of the wealth of procedures for ensuring authentic responses.

So we developed Risk-E

Risk-E uses predictive analytics to reduce the risk of using market research data.

The increasing demand for rapid results places everyone under more pressure. Your Insight Manager needs to interpret information quickly and authoritatively. Your Marketing Manager requires effective guidance in order to plan future sales and implement a firm marketing strategy. Risk-E addresses these issues in one efficient, cost-effective service.

What our customers say about Risk-E

“It’s always been complicated to work out error variance for complex surveys – Risk-E makes it easy and will help the industry add the value that clients increasingly demand from us.”
Phyllis Macfarlane, Former Global Training Director, GfK

“A lot of emphasis on improving web quality data is based around front end checks, checking for respondent attention and response validity. But backend analysis can be just as powerful, and Risk-E can serve a very useful function in this regards. Maybe not so risky a business…”
Andrew Jeavons, Research World Magazine

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