Panel and Community Recruitment

Panel Recruitment

Would you like to build your own customised consumer panel and reduce the costs of your research project?

Are you finding it difficult to recruit and maintain ‘good panellists’?

We have the know-how to build up your market research panel, whether through email acquisition, co-registration or mobile phone traffic. Experience and sharp pricing can match any budget, so we can focus on delivering the respondents, whilst you can focus on keeping them engaged. We understand research and the type of audience you want in your panels: we know how to get them.

Through our links with major Internet companies we are able to offer a complete panel-building service to meet your specific requirements. We take care of generating the pool of potential panellists, broadcasting the invitation to join your panel and hosting the panel recruitment questionnaire.

Our network gives us a unique source of digital traffic and a vast array of options for branded or unbranded panels. In some cases we can also offer pre-profiling of tougher to reach targets.

What makes us an ideal supplier for your panel recruitment exercises?

Access to our in-house data together with an extensive network of global partners allows us to capture niche groups and drill down through many specialist interests and areas of expertise.

We will give you options, at the right budget, making sure you get what you want in your custom panels.

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Community Recruitment

Short term communities are an area of particular expertise. Since we are not bound by any methodology we can offer telephone, online as well as digital traffic to build or top up your communities.

Keeping the focus on retention of participants, we make sure that the panellists you acquire stick around to take part in activities, ensuring low drop off levels with complete transparency of methodology and sourcing.

Using our experience we are able to offer a completely flexible level of consultation where needed, opening a portal to truly online communities.

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