Scripting and Hosting

We have been conducting research online since 1999 and understand what makes a project and fieldwork successful. As soon as you send us a questionnaire, we can script your survey. We will program and host using our bespoke software In-a-Blink.

To view our demo survey please click here.

We ensure the smooth-running and excellent quality of your online research through expert advice and knowledge, and bespoke online solutions from our team.


We like to work as follows:

  • A full consultation about your survey and requirements
  • Scripting the survey as instructed before testing and checking
  • Soft-launch ensuring data is collected as expected before full-launch – either to your database or our panel members
  • Management of fieldwork and quotas to ensure your fieldwork period is well met
  • For data-delivery we can provide industry standard formats: .sav // .CSV // Triple-S or any charts via PowerPoint etc.

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