Over the years, we’ve developed close working relationships with three leading lifestyle data providers. This gives us direct access to vast in-house databases. These databases deliver instant access to millions of households across the UK with records that provide information across 300 variables. That’s how we can get you very close to your target audience.

The benefits are clear:

• Targeted, cleaned, cost-effective samples worldwide.
• Records include full address, email address (if available) and phone numbers.
• Suitable for CAPI, CATI, CAWI and postal surveys.

The information normally available for targeted samples includes:

• Demographics age, gender, family, household details & work / employment.
• Automotive / Motoring, Travel & Leisure.
• Media & Technology.
• Shopping, Money & Financial Behaviour.

Other countries where similar data is available includes: Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

Niche Targets

It’s our aim to effectively assist you with every type of sample you may require. For the vast majority of your requests, we can help through our in-house databases. When there are occasions when we don’t have a suitable sample, we do everything necessary to obtain it elsewhere through our unrivalled network of database sources around the globe. Whatever your requirement, we undertake an extensive search to find a suitable sample for you. We’ve invested in this business approach in order to provide you with a more comprehensive sampling service than any other supplier. Here are just some of the sectors that we can get the difficult to find data samples:


The sample is not just defined by the make and model, the local or worldwide geographical location, year of purchase or year of registration; it also exploits the vastness of the SampleHome lifestyle database to refine the variables further by household income and occupation.

Specifications for Automotive Sample

We can help you find automotive lists:
• By make and model
• Target the right respondents from the increasingly hard to find, to local, regional, national, international or even post/zip code level
• Year of car registration/year of purchase
• Demographics (household income, occupation, etc.)

In addition to the selection criteria listed above many others, including gender, age, location, job title and lifestyle choices can also be used.

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