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Risk-E lies at the heart of Sample Answers technologies for ensuring quality samples. It was developed with the intention of checking for bias and provide mechanisms for correcting bias. It can also be used as an insight tool to assist with interpreting your survey results.

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Details out of date?  Missing or incomplete telephone numbers and addresses? With SampleClean, these issues are a thing of the past. We deliver up-to-date consumer telephone numbers.

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Project Management

Here at Sample Answers, we can take care of your entire research project from start to finish or manage individual functions within it.  This service is ideal if you don’t have any in-house facilities and need to bring together sampling from single or multiple sources, including panels to receive the desired survey results.

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Survey Design

Each sample is a primary element for fulfilling a survey design.  Ideally it will have been considered as the most cost efficient and appropriate way to fulfil the objectives of the research.

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Desk Research

In other words – desk research!  Time is a luxury rarely available nowadays but there is always your search engine on the computer which will almost always provide you with valuable background information on any subject that forms part of the objective of your research project.

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