The winners are – Online Research and Comic Relief

Sample Answers recent survey investigating the effects of lockdown on response rates, indicates that online research has been the clear ‘winner’, with telephone consumer work relatively unaffected, whereas B2B has been severely disadvantaged:

Agree Disagree scales Telephone Online
Consumer Business
Respondents who participate in the research enjoy the process 53% 78% 32%
We need more sample to complete …  surveys 42% 67% -6%
Surveys are needing longer fieldwork time to complete -5% 61% 31%
Respondents are more suspicious than ever about their phone calls / emails 63% 22% -10%
Mobile samples are more effective than landline samples 58% 11%
River sampling is more effective than panel sample -13%

However, online researchers are clearly less confident that respondents enjoy the process.

The need for more sample to complete telephone surveys is amplified by the increased rate of non-effective experienced due to a variety of causes:

Changes in response characteristics for telephone Surveys Consumer Business
Unobtainable numbers 16% 25%
Wrong Numbers 14% 16%
Rings but Not Answered 36% 45%
Answerphone 36% 26%
Refusals by respondents 33% 18%
Refusals by Switchboard 28%
Required respondent not available 42%

On average our respondents’ interviewers call back 4 times before giving up on a number – slightly more for B2B research than for consumer surveys (4.1 versus 3.9); however. some only call back once or twice whereas others will call 5 or 6 times.  Only a minority will leave any message on the answerphone explaining the reason for their call.

Those answering the question on numbers of interviews carried out each month showed some doing more than before lockdown and others less – overall however the total showed a decline of 10%

A total of 48 companies responded to the survey answering the following sections:

Survey sections completed Telephone Online
Consumer 20 26
B2B 18 21
Special (IT / Medical, etc) 14 9

We were delighted to have received answers from the US and the continent so thanks to everyone we have £250 to send to charity!

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